Why Do Married Couples in Japan Sleep Separately

Many Japanese couples don’t let smaller homes and flats prevent them from sharing beds or even rooms. They believe this is something that is best for them, not some sort of intimate problem or relationship issue.

They have different sleep schedules.

Different work schedules are the primary factor that leads Japanese couples to decide to go to bed separately. Your significant other won’t get a decent night’s sleep if you wake them up because you get home from work late or have to depart early. This is why it makes sense to spend the night in a different room. They will be able to sleep soundly and more healthfully as a result.

Babies sleep with their mothers.

The father must decide whether he wants to share the same bed or go to a different room because it is customary for Japanese moms to sleep with their children. Even science has shown that co-sleeping can promote deeper sleep for both parents and kids. It lessens the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome while also assisting the child in maintaining a constant body temperature and heart rate, which are extremely important during infancy. Additionally, this helps the youngster succeed in school, develop independence more quickly, and have higher self-esteem.

For them, sleeping separately means peace.

While many couples who begin to sleep apart fear divorce, the Japanese have a different perspective. They place a high emphasis on sleep and don’t want to be disturbed when doing so. This indicates that they don’t require or like putting up with snoring, a fitful night’s sleep, kicking, etc. Some people wish they could obtain their beauty sleep even if they are unable to sleep in separate rooms.

Couples have a history of sleeping separately.

Cotton is used to fill futons, which offers comfort and support. Only single-sized ones were previously utilized as beds. Therefore, even if you wanted to cuddle up with your partner, you would have ended up on the cold floor in between the sheets, which would not have made you feel comfortable. Even now, some families continue to use this style of bedding, in part because it is lightweight and simple to store.

Do you and your lover have separate beds? Do you believe that this kind of behavior could benefit your relationship even more?

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